October 23, 2019

Tips And Tricks To Selecting The Best Bottle Of Wine

There can be a lot of stress and confusion that can go into selecting the perfect bottle of wine. You can find great bottles of wine anywhere, from the limited list at a restaurant to a vast selection at an upscale wine store. We will break down some tips into selecting the perfect bottle of wine in each of these locations, as well as how to get a $2,000 bottle of wine for as low as $129.99 with this trick we learned from FoodNetwork.com!

Selecting The Best Bottle Of Wine In A Restaurant

When selecting a wine in a restaurant, we suggest reviewing the menu beforehand and deciding what you would like to order so you can narrow down your type of wine based on the dish. In the event you can’t, we suggest having a wine and food pairing chart handy on your phone or asking the waiter/waitress their recommendations. Here are some more tips you should follow when trying to decipher a restaurant wine list:

  • Set a budget: Having a number in your head as to what you’re willing to spend will make it easier to narrow down your choices. A good rule of thumb is to take the priciest entree on the menu and add 50% more to the price. Typically, restaurants assume their guests will pay about that price for a good bottle of wine.
  • Eliminate half the menu: How you ask? It’s easy. Choose either red or white.
  • Ask to sample: Restaurants will almost always let you try their wines before you commit. Always ask!

Selecting The Best Bottle Of Wine At A Wine Store

Going to a wine store can be an educational experience. With hundreds to choose from, how can you decide? Try narrowing down your search by following this advice:

  • Try inexpensive bottles: Each grape is distinct with its own flavor so sampling a lower-priced bottle of wine will narrow down the type of grapes you enjoy.
  • Pick the popular brand: These bottles have been enjoyed by thousands of wine drinkers, whether they’re an expert or a beginner. There’s no room for error when going with the brand that has brought thousands of consumers satisfaction for a reasonable price.
  • Price isn’t everything: Just because a bottle is twice the price, does not mean it will be better. Higher priced bottles can have an acquired taste, so if you’re just getting started try something more universal to avoid altering your palette.
  • Ask the experts: Wine stores are staffed with knowledgeable experts who can help find the right bottle. Offering as many details as possible can help them suggest the best wine for your taste. Some points of reference would be having a price range, knowing what you will serve with the wine and even the occasion you’re celebrating.
  • Get the best deal: If you want a high-quality wine without having to shell out the cash, here is a tip we found. Ask the wine store if they have any “second-label wines.” These grapes are given the same first-class treatment that their main-label wines get, but due to the limited production and exclusivity of these wines, they create a second-label. So, for example, you can purchase the “attainable sister” of a $2,000 bottle of wine for only $129.99!

Selecting The Best Bottle Of Wine At A Liquor Store

Choosing what wine to purchase at the liquor store doesn’t need to be a stressful situation either. Typically, the store associates are less educated than the experts at the wine store but they can still guide you to the right choice. These brief tips will make the selecting process a breeze when entering the liquor store:

  • Know your price range: As suggested above, knowing the price range you are willing to spend will make it easier to narrow down your options once you are in the store.
  • Browse the store catalog: Depending on the liquor store, they may have a seasonal catalog that shows you different seasonal wines and possible food pairings.
  • Trust the signs: Stores may have signs such as “Manager’s Favorite” or “Seasonal Sippers” that are the store’s attempt to make the wine buying experience less stressful. These signs may also have recommendations for what to serve with the wine.

It’s Time To Uncork And Unwined With Us!

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