April 6, 2020

Empty Wine Bottles? Transform Them Into Fun DIYs!

If you’re like many of us, you’ve been experimenting with fun drinks while your favorite bars and restaurants are closed. With that, you may have some empty bottles you aren’t sure what to do with, especially if you’re limited on recycling options. We’ve put our Pinterest knowledge to the test and have gathered some fun DIYs you can do today with empty wine bottles!

Succulent Planter

This may seem a bit daunting but the reality is that it is rather simple! To make a wine bottle succulent planter you will need:

  • Glass cutter
  • Candle
  • Ice cubes
  • Empty wine bottles
  • Potting soil
  • Succulent(s)

Pro tip: This project requires some planning unless you happen to have a bottle cutter laying around like this. There are some DIYs out there for cutting a bottle without the tool, but do this with caution! You’ll also want to have a few bottles in case some of them break!

To make this succulent planter follow these instructions!

  1. Follow the instructions on your bottle cutter or DIY bottle cutting tutorial. Without a cut bottle, there is no craft.
  2. Once your bottle is cut, place some soil into the base of the bottle and plant your succulent. Add as many or as little as you like!
  3. Once all plants have been added, add a bit more soil so the succulents are resting sturdily in the bottle. 
  4. Enjoy your new plant!

Watering Planter

This DIY takes nothing more than an empty wine bottle. If you have plants in your home that you often forget to water, your wine bottle can come in handy. Simply fill the empty bottle with water to the brim. Then, quickly flip the bottle and place the open end into the soil of the planter. As the plant dries, the water will trickle down. Science!

Soap Dispenser

Do you love the look of repurposed bottles? Or have you recently gotten into making your own soaps and hand sanitizers? Why not store your creation into your upcycled wine bottles! All you need to do is clean the bottle thoroughly and add the appropriately sized pump to the top of the bottle. You can find them all over the internet!

Bird Feeder

Why buy an expensive bird feeder with no pizzazz when you can make your own! This wine bottle bird feeder from Down Home Inspiration is a great way to spruce up your yard.

This project takes a bit of planning and an order from your local hardware store but it is well worth the time! 

We hope you enjoy these wine bottle DIYS. If you loved these DIYS then you have to check out our wine cork collection!