August 25, 2020

A Guide to Wine Glasses

When you think of a wine glass, you probably think of a fancy glass that’s thin at the bottom and wide at the top. While you wouldn’t be wrong, you also wouldn’t be absolutely right. Why? Because there are several different types of wine glasses. And what determines what type of glass you use? The wine, of course!

Breaking Down the Basics

Most wine glasses follow the same structure, just with different proportions or shapes. They all generally have a “foot”, which is the flat piece of glass that keeps the glass balanced and allows it to stand up. They also have a “stem”, which is the long thin piece of glass that holds the top of the glass. It’s also the part of the glass that you hold so that the wine is not warmed by the heat of your hand. Heating the wine can alter the flavor, which is something that you don’t want. The top of the glass is known as the “bowl” and is the part of the glass that holds the wine. The shape and size of the bowl have a large impact on the flavor and experience so picking the right one is crucial!

Different Types for Different Wine Varieties – Wine Glasses

wine glass types

Red Wine

The glasses designed for red wine often have a wider bowl than your typical wine glass. This allows you to take in the wine’s aroma as you take a sip as the long journey allows the ethanol to evaporate. If you’re enjoying a glass of Zinfandel, a standard red wine glass is the way to go. However, if you’re drinking a bolder wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon, the use of a Bordeaux glass is recommended.

White Wine

White wine is naturally more aromatic than red wine, which is why wine glasses are often smaller to help preserve the floral aromas. White wine is also better served cool, so the small bowl allows the wine to stay cooler for longer, especially if you’re holding the glass by the stem as we mentioned earlier. For a light white such as Pinot Gris, a small bowl glass is the best option, while a Chardonnay requires a wider bowl glass.

Sparkling Wine

One of the most common types of sparkling wine is Champagne; however, it’s not the only one. In fact, there are even some red sparkling wines, such as Lambrusco. These sparkling wines should always be served chilled. It is recommended to enjoy it in a long glass, such as a flute or a tulip glass. These long, thin glasses keep the bubbles longer, allowing you to fully enjoy the wine for a longer period of time.

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