July 18, 2019

Looking to Pair a Great Wine With Your Seafood Dish? Check Out These Wines.

Picking the perfect wine for any meal might seem like a challenge, especially when you’re about to chow down on some delectable seafood. Sure, there are some wines you’ll drink with seafood just because you enjoy drinking them so much. However, there are times when inexperienced wine drinkers aren’t sure what wine pairs better with their seafood.

Even for experienced wine connoisseurs, pairing the proper wine with seafood can be difficult. That’s because seafood dishes tend to have very delicate flavors. These flavors can be overpowered by the taste and texture of the wine if you aren’t careful.

So, that’s why the experienced and knowledgeable staff at Cork Restaurant put together a list of a few pairings that go extremely well together.

Pairing Wine with Crab (Cakes)

When it comes to eating crab, a crisp, white Chardonnay does the trick. The acidity of the wine compliments the sweet taste of the crab. If you are eating crab with a side of melted butter, then again, this wine is the right choice. The acidity of the Chardonnay cuts through the fat of butter, sensualizing your taste buds.

A refreshing Riesling also pairs well with crab, especially crab cakes. The citrusy notes of this wine complement deep-fried cake cakes well because the acidity and freshness guts through the grease and can cleanse your mouth.

Pairing with Salmon

Salmon can be prepared in many different ways, so, therefore, you can have many wine pairings with this rich and meaty fish. If the salmon is being grilled, the smokiness of the fish tends to pair better with a more full-bodied red like Pinot Noir. Its earthy flavor impacts the rich taste of the salmon in a way that’s soothing to your mouth.

There are also a few white wines that go well with delicious fish too, such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. If you are having salmon with yogurt- or lemon-based sauce, Pinot Grigio is a no-brainer. Sauvignon Blanc, if not overly fruity, pairs well with most salmon dishes.

Pairing with Shrimp

Like salmon, shrimp can be prepared in many different and unique ways. For the most part, the flavor of shrimp is unique and unlike many other kinds of seafood. Its distinct flavor lends itself to needing a light counterpart to brighten up its taste.

Enter, Vinho Verde. When paired with different shrimp dishes, it tastes as if a fresh piece of lime or lemon has been squeezed on to it. It’s appetizing and refreshing.

Pair the Perfect Wine with your Seafood Today!

If you are interested in having some of the freshest seafood dishes in Northeast Pennsylvania, come down to Cork Restaurant today. We have numerous wines we can pair with the seafood of your choice. You won’t be disappointed. Reserve your table today!