March 3, 2020

Five Fish and Wine Pairings

Let’s face it: making the same meals week after week gets boring. But with a new season on the horizon comes the opportunity to fish up some fresh recipes. That’s right, we’re talking about seafood! And what better way to spice up your menu than pairing your dishes with a great glass of wine. Take a look at these fish and wine pairings to bring your taste buds a real treat!

Fish and Chips

There is nothing more satisfying than a basket of fried fish and fries on a warm spring evening. While many pair their fish and chips with beer, consider going for a sparkling wine. May we suggest champagne or prosecco? These bubbly, sweet drinks help to cut through the dense, fried fish, making them a perfect pair. 

Clams and Oysters

When enjoying fresh seafood like clams and oysters, the cleaner the pairing, the better the taste. Since your taste buds will be dazzled by the freshness of the food, you don’t want to overdo it with your wine. Pinot grigio is a perfect match for fresh seafood.

Mediterranean Fish or Spicy Fish Tacos

If you’re kicking it up a notch with spicy flavors, you’ll need a bit of bubbly that can handle the flavor. Moscato is the right mix of fizzy and sweet to combat the heat. Though many believe moscato is a dessert wine, the reality is that its flavor profile makes it a great partner for spicy dishes.

Tuna Steak

We aren’t talking about canned tuna here–but if it floats your tuna boat, go for it! When it comes to making tuna steak, you’ll find this dish dense in composition and rich in flavor. No matter how you prepare it, tuna is best paired with a wine that is a bit sweet and easy to drink. Zinfandel is a great way to get even more flavor out of your dish and drink. 

Stir Fry

When you want a dish full of flavor, textures, and ingredients, look no further than a seafood stir fry. Even if you just like a plain shrimp cocktail, you can’t go wrong with pairing the crustacean with dry fino sherry.

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