December 23, 2019

Holiday Traditions to Start with Your Family

We already know there are plenty of nostalgic holiday traditions that come in a bread pan or gelatin mold. But other than food-related activities, what traditions do you share with your family?

We took a look at common activities families do around the holidays from Parents magazine. We found a few we hope to pass along, and we hope you try them, too!

“I Spy…” Decoration Edition

Not only is your house full of family and friends, gifts and holiday cheer, but decorations are probably plentiful. If you have youngsters in your life, play “I Spy” with your tree or decorations around the house. 

It’s a fun way to talk about your handed-down ornaments or your special family trinkets while playing a game.

Gift a New Ornament

Speaking of special trinkets, give your family members a new ornament each year to celebrate a milestone or achievement. If for a child, by the time they begin their own traditions, they’ll have a collection of decorations. If for an older family member, let them know the special moments you’ve shared together have made a great impact.

Christmas Light Game

This is fun no matter your age. Load up your car with friends and family and take a side–left or right– of the vehicle. Count how many houses have holiday displays in their yard. When you get back home, give your grand total. Whichever side has the most gets to open a gift early!

Don’t want it to be a competition? Take a ride around your community in your PJs and a container of cookies and look at the holiday splendor. 

Homemade Hanukkah Project

Want to complete a festive craft? This homemade menorah is very simple and fun for your kiddos to enjoy. The base of the menorah is a spaghetti box painted blue. Once dry, you can use wagon wheel pasta as the base of candleholders. Then use a larger ziti to be the candle. Add some glam with smaller pasta pieces and use tissue paper to make flames. 

Sponsor Someone’s Holiday

It’s the season for giving. Next year, consider making it a family tradition of giving someone a magical celebration. 

In NEPA, we have many charities and donation drives for the holiday season. Here are a few if you need a place to start:

Toys for Tots

Valley Santa

Salvation Army Initiatives

There is also a list of holiday drives around our region available online. 

We have one more tradition you may want to start this year.

Spend your Christmas Eve with Cork!

Take a seat at our table! Our Christmas Eve seating begins at 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. We will be offering our full-menu along with a few seasonal specials. Reservations are required so call today! 

Add More Dinners at Cork to your New Year’s Resolutions!

The holidays are exhausting. Give (or get) a gift that keeps giving– a Cork gift card!

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