January 7, 2022

Seafood Fra Diavolo is Perfect for Shellfish Lovers

When dining out, it’s quite popular to pair different kinds of seafood together in platters. If you like one seafood, you’re likely to enjoy another kind, and that extends to shellfish. To put our own spin on it, we have combined several different shellfish and seafood to come up with our unique dishes. One of them is a shellfish heavy combo called seafood fra diavolo. It combines three of our favorite shellfish, lobster tail, shrimp, and clam, with spicy San Marzano tomato sauce over linguini.

If you like even one of these shellfish, the way we combine the three of them may convince you to become a fan of the others. 

Try a Bite of Lobster Tail

Lobster tail is easily one of the most popular parts of the lobster. It’s considerably chewier than other shellfish, and it’s also sweeter, especially compared to shrimp. This separates it from typical fish meat and has helped it become a favorite shellfish across the world.

But lobster wasn’t always so popular. It’s actually a relatively recent culinary discovery, with it first becoming popular in the mid-19th century. We’ve always had lobsters, in fact, lobsters were so common they were used in garden fertilizer!

While many knew that lobsters could taste good, no one could figure out how to keep the lobsters alive long enough to cook. How can anyone cook something that needs to be cooked alive when it perishes before reaching its destination? Once that problem was solved, lobster quickly became one of the most popular seafood dishes in New York and Boston, before going around the world.

Shrimp Goes With Almost Everything

Shrimp is like the chicken of shellfish. No other shellfish or seafood can be cooked in as many different ways as shrimp. It can be served cold, hot, with sauce, broiled, breaded, fried–the list goes on. That made it perfect to pair with lobster and clams, and anyone who’s not familiar with other shellfish to find something they know. 

Shrimp is typically chewy, no matter how you cook or don’t cook it, but not as chewy as lobster. That makes it easier to start with, and its own juicy yet less sweet taste lets guests taste more of the spicy San Marzano than they may with the lobster. 

Clams Are Shellfish Too!

Because clams are not crustaceans like shrimp and lobster, they taste completely different. This gives our seafood fra diavolo the one thing it’s missing, some salt.

Clams are nice and salty, able to be eaten both hot and cold, and that difference adds a lot of variety next to shrimp and lobster. Mix that with the spicy San Marzano, and you get something completely different from your last bite. Alternating between the clams and the other two shellfish can really get your tastebuds going and your mouth watering for more.  

Try Seafood Fra Diavolo at Cork Bar & Restaurant

This entree is one of the best for any seafood or shellfish lover. You get the best of everything, topped off with linguini. You can order it at your next reservation at Cork Bar & Restaurant. Our entrees and starters are also available to anyone who dines outside in our igloos, which are available by separate reservation.