February 15, 2022

Red Gulf Snapper: New Item on the Menu!

Do you like seafood? We love seafood, and not just eating it but making it too. Whether you’re looking for a seafood starter, entree, or just something to add to your salad, our menu has you covered. But then when we wondered if there were any other plates of seafood we could add, we realized there was – the Red Gulf Snapper.

This new seafood dish takes a popular deep-sea fish and combines it with ingredients like tomato white wine sauce, caper berries, garlic, baby onions, olives, roasted potatoes, and spicy brodo! These ingredients come together to make an already sweet-tasting fish even sweeter and pretty spicy too! We have a lot of seafood items that can be described as juicy, but we have just as many options for those who prefer to have something spicy.

If you want to give it a try, make a reservation online, call (570) 270-3818, or text (570) 814-5930. Walk-ins are also welcome!

History of Red Gulf Snapper

Snapper is one of the United States’ favorite fish to eat, in some recent years being the most consumed fish in the country. This means it was about time to add a dish with snapper to our menu. While there is more than one type of snapper fish, the Red Gulf species is actually the first to become popular in the US. Also known as Red Snapper, it has been harvested from its namesake, the Gulf of Mexico, since the early 1840s. When the fish tastes this good, it’s going to be around for a long time.

But don’t mistake it for Vermilion Snapper. While they may be a similar color, their differing sizes and body shapes have led to them tasting different. Red Snapper’s bigger and deeper body when compared to the Vermilion Snapper, gives it more meat to go around, but also more juices to taste. That’s why this dish uses Red Snapper, not only because it’s a popular fish, but it’s sweeter on the tongue.

The Other Ingredients

We’ve mentioned them before, but we’re not just handed Red Snapper by itself. We prepare it with several other ingredients that improve and amplify its natural flavors. Some are pretty standard, such as olives, onions, garlic, and mashed potatoes. They’re classic toppings that should taste familiar to our guests. There are a few that aren’t as common that might surprise you with how much they bring to the dish.

Tomato White Wine Sauce

Both red and white wine work well together in tomato sauce, but for this dish, we wanted to add a more fruity flavor to the snapper’s meat. This fruity flavor mixes well with snapper’s naturally sweeter taste.

Caper Berries

There’s a theme in this recipe of adding fruit and fruity food to go with the snapper. While snapper may already be a sweet-tasting fish, we wanted to make it sweeter without making it too sugary. Caper berries are perfect because they make snapper sweeter while adding nearly no calories and only a trace of carbs.

Spicy Brodo

Brodo is an Italian term for “broth.” We use brodo that’s been simmering with more spicy ingredients. It keeps the fish meat from drying out, while also adding to its juiciness without making it any less sweet.

Come Try Our New Menu Item Soon!

Red Gulf Snapper fits perfectly on our menu. Long-time guests and newcomers alike should enjoy something both familiar and new. You can find it as an entree on our menu, so make a reservation now! You can make a reservation online, by calling (570) 270-3818, or texting (570) 814-5930.

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