July 1, 2022

Ask About Our Dinner Specials!

Dinner specials are not a new thing. Restaurants have been offering them forever. In the olden days, hundreds of years ago, you’d have to eat whatever was served, and that was it. Now dinner specials are when the kitchen can really experiment with the ingredients they have and offer something new to guests willing to take the plunge. 

Our kitchen does its best to reward our daring guests with something that will get them excited to come back for another special. If a dinner special, whether it’s an entree or an appetizer, becomes really popular, we can even consider including it long-term on the next season’s menu or adding it to our current menu.

Check Out Our Dinner Specials!

Each special is something different, a new feature that combines a litany of ingredients that include meat, seafood, vegetables, sauces, and more. If you’re wondering about what you’ve been missing and the potential that our dinner specials offer, check out our previous dishes. We post about them all the time on our Facebook feed

Tuscan Chicken

We recently had this opportunity to offer this special in June. This entree uses sautéed chicken breast as the centerpiece of the dish and surrounds it with spinach, sundried tomatoes, and mushrooms. It’s a mess of flavors that comes together when mixed and topped with a special cheese. The original recipe uses different seasoning and vegetables, but as always, we want to experiment and stand out with our recipes. 

Tuscan Chicken is actually a relatively young recipe. The first iteration was created by Olive Garden, so thanks to them for the inspiration. If you want to try this recipe for yourself, check in regularly with our Facebook feed and by visiting our restaurant to see if there are any plans to bring this dinner special back.

Baja Shrimp

While Tuscan Chicken was offered as an entree, our Baja Shrimp is an appetizer for the whole table to experiment with and share. It’s easier to try something new when you’re doing it with others. You can all compare and see who enjoys it the most. 

With sautéed shrimp, peppers, and onions all sitting in this special broth, this can certainly lead to sensory overload. With the fresh pico de gallo and garlic crostini to go with, few if any were left disappointed when they tried this amazing dinner special.

Buffalo Chicken Gorgonzola

This is an appetizer that’s just for one person, perfect to prep your tastebuds for your meal, or even to order to go. This is a soft pretzel–which is already heaven on earth–and it comes stuffed to brim with other food. 

Buffalo Chicken Gorgonzola was one of the dishes we had the most fun making. It combines a snack we all love to have for sports games with another snack, buffalo chicken. Then we mix both of them together by stuffing the pretzel with gorgonzola cheese. It’s both the perfect casual appetizer and classic dining experience between the veined blue cheese and the classic stadium snacks.

Black and Blue Sirloin

For this entree recipe, we tried to do something both familiar to our menu, but a bit different. We’ve made sirloins before, as it’s one of our favorite pieces of beef. After making it so many times, we wanted to do something different by cooking Black and Blue style, or Pittsburgh style. This is where we char the outside of the meat but keep the meat itself rare to medium rare. It combines the texture of a well-done steak with a center that’s full of flavor. 

Of course, it also comes on top of mashed potatoes and some vegetables. The sirloin itself is covered in cheese and meaty bits so that you have a lot to enjoy.

Don’t Miss Out on Our Best Dinner Specials!

Now you know to always keep a look out for whatever we’re doing every night! Who knows, maybe we’ll bring back one of these dinner specials that you missed out on or desperately want to try again. If you see something you want to try, don’t forget to make a reservation to make sure you have a seat. Don’t miss your chance to try something new!