May 1, 2022

Is It Weird to Have Wine During Happy Hour?

When we think of Happy Hour, the time at the end of the day after we get out of work, what drinks do we think about? Cocktails are the most popular drink during Happy Hour, particularly drinks like a martini, margarita, old-fashioned, and daiquiri. Beer is another popular refreshment during Happy Hour too, with people enjoying a brew and living out “Cheers” in real life. Then there are hard liquors such as vodka, rum, and gin. But what about having wine during Happy Hour?

Of course, there are people who drink wine during Happy Hour, but is it weird? We don’t think so. Happy Hour is a period of time when servers of alcohol discount alcoholic beverages, as defined by the state of Pennsylvania. Wine is included as one of the drinks that can be discounted during Happy Hour.

So if you’re looking to start a new trend or try something new, you don’t have to have the same thing as everyone else. Have a glass of wine at Happy Hour at Cork Bar & Restaurant if you want to mix it up. Here are some reasons why you should.

Wine Can Be Healthier When Drinking Regularly

Happy Hour happens multiple times a week. If you’re drinking on the regular, you don’t want to drink a lot of alcohol and risk impacting your health.

Wine has fewer calories per ounce compared to cocktails and beer. Where 5 ounces of wine usually settle between 120 to 130 calories, just two ounces of the average spirit used in cocktails is more than that.

Wine also has less sugar than cocktails, the more popular Happy Hour drink. Everyone needs to have sugar in their diet, but too much is not a good thing. If you want to continue drinking but don’t want to decrease how much, consider drinking wine that has considerably less sugar.

When compared to beer, wine has significantly fewer calories as well. On average, beer has more calories than the average cocktail. Beer is also high in carbohydrates, which the body will often convert into unnecessary sugar. While beer does have many minerals, you should already be getting important minerals from other foods and drinks.

Wine Pairs Really Well with Happy Hour Food

More so than cocktails or beer, wine is said to bring out the flavor in food. Your drink is only half of what you should be consuming during Happy Hour. When you’re at the cocktail bar drinking wine, you want food to go with it.

Appetizers are especially popular during Happy Hour, and we have more than a few that go perfectly with wine.

  • Lobster Spinach Artichoke Dip: Pepper jack cheese & garlic served with herb tortilla chips.
  • Fried Calamari: With sautéed prosciutto & garlic and lemon aioli.
  • Hot Fire Nashville Bites: Crispy chicken bites in Nashville sauce with ranch dressing and pickles.
  • Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread: Mission figs, gorgonzola cheese, fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions & crispy prosciutto.

Try Our Wine During Happy Hour at Cork Bar & Restaurant

We have an extensive selection of wine, beer, liquor, and spirits that you can have from our cocktail bar and our menu. If you’re looking for a new place to drink after work, check out Cork. We’re also the perfect place for a night out, with an extensive and varied menu selection. Make a reservation for dinner.