June 23, 2021

Summer Cocktails To Vibe With

With the first day of summer already behind us and the hot days in full swing here are some refreshing cocktails to deal with the summer heat. These recipes are great for hosting parties, date night, and pool days. These next cocktails are made with vodka, rum, and tequila and are very easy to make. 

Summer Cocktails – Vodka

There are thousands of cocktails to try, but very few are refreshing on a hot summer day. Here are three vodka cocktails perfect for summer. 

The first one is a cucumber mint vodka cocktail, and it will only take you 5 minutes to make! The ingredients are sliced cucumber, fresh mint leaves, lemonade, your choice of vodka, and sparkling water. This can be made by the pitcher or glass and makes every summer day complete. 

The next vodka cocktail, perfect for watermelon lovers, is called the vodka watermelon cocktail. For this cocktail, blend watermelon chunks, agave, fresh lime juice, and vodka. This refreshing beverage will pair great poolside! 

The final cocktail you should try out this summer is called the pineapple vodka cocktail. For this one, you will need vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, sugar for the rim, and a pineapple wedge for garnish. No matter which beverage you choose, it will be sure to please the vodka lover.

Summer Cocktails – Rum

These next three cocktails are for the rum lovers! The first rum cocktail recipe is called The Hurricane. This recipe includes light rum, dark rum, passion fruit juice, orange juice, grenadine, orange slices, and maraschino cherries. This recipe originated in New Orleans and is one of the best rum-based cocktails. 

This next cocktail adds a twist to rum and Coke. This cocktail is called the Cuba Libre cocktail. To make this, it is simply Coke, rum, and lime juice. 

And, the final cocktail for summer rum drinkers is an apple cider mojito. The ingredients for this drink are fresh mint leaves, white rum, lime wedges, simple syrup, apple cider, and club soda. 

Summer Cocktails – Tequila

Everyone sees a margarita as the perfect beach cocktail on a hot summer day, but these next three cocktails are a whole new type of margarita! This first margarita is called the papaya mango frozen margarita. What makes this different from a typical margarita is the mango, papaya, and orange liquor. The ingredients to make this unique drink include agave tequila, jalapeno, frozen mango slices, fresh papaya, jalapeno-infused tequila, orange liquor, fresh lime juice, and ice. After blending all of the ingredients add a halved jalapeno for garnish and you are good to enjoy. 

This next margarita recipe for the summer is called the Spring Garden Margarita. The ingredients are tequila, lemon juice, cucumber juice, honey black pepper syrup, water, and cucumbers. The smooth taste of this margarita makes any day in the hot sun enjoyable. For the final margarita recipe, you’ll need some honeydew. The honeydew margarita includes honeydew juice, tequila, lime, and simple syrup. Although this drink is not frozen, add ice and the ingredients to the blender to get a different margarita experience! 

Cool Down In The Summer Heat With A Cocktail At Cork!

With warm weather in full swing in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Cork has the perfect cocktails for you! Join us for a summer cocktail and our new menu on the patio. We look forward to serving you!