June 30, 2020

Best Brews of 2020: This Summer’s Top Beers

When the summer season arrives, so do the year’s hottest, yet coolest, brews. Long gone are the days of a simple tasting beer. In this day and age, we’re all about having a fresh, flavorful drink in hand at every gathering. Cork Bar and Restaurant is here to share the best brews of 2020 so far.

Bud Light Lemonade

Keeping up with the times, the traditional brewing brand Bud Light recently released another flavor in their line of lagers that make summer the ultimate season. This addition, known as Bud Light Lemonade, is a light lager brewed with real lemon peels, giving it a refreshing lemony taste. 

New Trail Brewing Company Bomb Pop IPA

Brewed in Williamsport, PA, this IPA, or India Pale Ale, is perfect for the Fourth of July and is sure to be the talk of the party. Flavored with vanilla and raspberries, you can’t get any more patriotic than red, white, and blue. One taste, and you’ll be sipping on this sweet drink at parties all summer long. 

Elysian Rolling Stone Lager

The only craft beer creators to partner with Rolling Stone, Elysian Brewing recently released the Elysian Rolling Stone Lager. This crisp and smooth beer is a golden color and holds flavors of caramel and orange marmalade. This refreshment is perfect for both old rockers and new craft beer lovers–bringing new and old together for the love of beer and music.

Rośe Beer

We all witnessed the rise of rośe wine a few years ago. Now, we’re here to watch as rośe beer takes off. Various brewing companies across the country have started making their own versions of the hybrid drink, each with their own unique twist. A few examples are:

  • Avery Brewing Co.’s “Rocky Mountain Rośe”, Colorado
  • Oskar Blues’ Rośe For Daze, Colorado
  • 21st Amendment Brewery’s Sparkale: Sparkling Rośe Ale, California
  • Upslope Brewing’s Sparkling Rośe IPA, Colorado

Blood Orange Blonde

From Anchor Brewing in San Francisco comes the Blood Orange Blonde. This summer favorite is a blonde ale “with a distinctive twist.” This deep red drink is filled with sweet citrus flavors and is brewed with the peels of California oranges during the first fermentation. Then blood oranges are added before the second fermentation process. 

Tangerine Summer Dream

Looking for another sweet, fruity beer instead of a classic brew? No problem, Adirondack Brewing has you covered. This refreshing drink is brewed with dried tangerine peels and tropical hops, leaving you with tangerine and citrus-flavored goodness. 

Keep the Summer Going with Cork

At Cork Bar and Restaurant, we have all your favorite summer brews, along with a few new faces. Make a reservation for a summer evening dinner with great company and great drinks today.